Lake Garda is a unique destination to be discovered. Here some rules to enjoy a safe navigation:

  • the maximum speed allowed is 20 knots during the day and 5 knots during the night
  • within the Gulf of Salò, in the stretch between the mouth of the Barbarano stream and Punta del Corno, the maximum speed allowed is 15 knots during the day (the night limit of 5 knots remains)
  • in marinas the maximum speed is 3 knots
  • in the costal strip up to 300 metres from the shore, navigation is permetted to sailing, rowing and windsurfing only (the protection strip is reduced to 150 metre in the costal stretches of the Gulfs of Salò and Romantica, between the mouth of stream Barbarano and Rocca di Manerba, around the isle of Garda and at the entr of promontory Sirmione-Punta Grotte)
  • in the water falling within the competence of Trento Autonomous Province, motorboat navigation is forbidden
  • water-skiing is permitted in favourable weather, calm lake and good visibility conditions from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at a maximum speed of 25 knots and at least 500 metres off the shore

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