Experience Lake Garda

Moniga Porto Nautica is located on the Lombard shore of the lake, in Moniga del Garda,
in the heart of Valtènesi, a place rich in history, tradition and natural beauty.

With its stunning scenery between lake and countryside, Moniga del Garda, thanks to its position,
is a reference point for boat trips and excursions on land to discover the most charming places in the area:
a well-known destination offering a wide range of activities and experiences in the nature.

History, natural beauty, local colours and flavours, the Mediterranean climate:
Lake Garda is a unique tourist destination, renowned throughout the world.

Moniga Del Garda, The Heart Of Valtènesi

Valtènesi is made up of seven villages, overlooking the lake and nestled in the morainic hills,
characterised by a unique microclimate, which benefits from all the lake’s peculiarities:
winters are never too harsh, while summers are warm and sunny.

Moniga del Garda is a holiday destination that can be easily reached at any time of the year:
an enviable location, surrounded by charming landscapes with natural views of rare beauty.

The History Of Moniga Del Garda

As for the other villages of the coast of Brescia, the history of Moniga del Garda is linked
to the Roman and Venetian domination and to the Barbarian invasions.

There are two different interpretations of its name: some believe it to derive from the Germanic toponym
“Morn” and others from the Greek deity “Diana Munichia”.

Inhabited since the Bronze Age, Moniga del Garda boasts among its beauties the Church of San Martino,
one of the oldest churches of Valtènesi, and the Castle of the tenth century,
with its mighty rectangular walls that testifies the historical and traditional soul of the town.

Although Moniga del Garda has expanded in recent decades thanks to the significant increase in tourism,
the old town centre still retains its original mediaeval charm,
with narrow alleys from which it is possible to admire
charming corners of the lake and fascinating architectural details.

A small jewel of the region, to be visited and lived in all year round.

Local Wines And Flavours

Also known as the “City of Chiaretto”, Moniga del Garda is renowned for its rosé wine,
the “Garda DOC Classico Chiaretto”, also known as “wine of a night”
due to its vinification technique that takes place over the course of a single night.
Every year, in June, Moniga del Garda hosts “Valtènesi in Rosa”,
a traditional event that celebrates the rosé wines of the entire Garda area.

Also significant is the production of olive oil, a key ingredient in the local cuisine:
Lake Garda is the most northern place in the world where olive trees grow,
cultivated since Roman times thanks to the Mediterranean microclimate.
“Garda DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil” is an integral part of the history and cuisine of the area
and is distinguished by its delicate, elegant flavour and light, well-balanced aromas
of the three main varieties: Casaliva, Frantoio and Leccino.

From the characteristic old town centre to the lakefront, Moniga del Garda is an unmissable stop
on an ideal eno-gastronomic route to discover the flavours, aromas and colours of Lake Garda.

What To Do In Moniga Del Garda

With a wide range of activities for all ages and needs,
Moniga del Garda is a very well-known holiday destination.

It features well-equipped beaches, tennis courts, football pitches, cycle paths and beautiful trails
through vineyards and olive groves to be explored either by foot or by mountain bike.

It is also possible to go shopping in the characteristic craft shops and at the weekly market,
held every Monday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the main square.

In the surrounding area, it is worth visiting Manerba del Garda, known for its extraordinary Rocca
overlooking the lake, Soiano, renowned for hosting one of the best golf courses in Italy,
and Padenghe, a characteristic village with a medieval atmosphere and rich historical-religious buildings.