Indoor boat storage is an ideal solution to keep the boat safe without worries and maintain it in perfect condition. This service features lots of advantages:

  • Protection against climatic events: boats in the hangar are protected from damages caused by ultra-violet radiations (opacity), rain and extreme weather conditions
  • Better performance and savings: engines and hulls are preserved from algae and osmosis, ensuring boat performance and reducing maintenance costs
  • Safety: our 4,200 sqm covered storage overlooking Lake Garda is equipped with a 24-hour video surveillance and alarm system, completed by a night watchman service
  • Easy maintenance: it is possible to intervene promptly and easily for ordinary or extraordinary maintenance work carried out by our mechanical workshop
  • Environmental protection: any oil leaks from boats in storage can be controlled and fixed without causing damage to the environment

Our Staff’s careful assistance during launching, hauling and handling operations carried out in a few minutes and in complete safety, guarantees Clients the comfort of finding the boat in perfect condition and always ready to be used.

We offer annual, seasonal, monthly and weekly boat storage personalised according to each specific need.

By choosing a boat storage package, all services offered in our marina are included: discover them here.

For further information visit the dedicated section on the website or contact our offices for a customised quotation: – +39 0365 671022 – +39 329 0248355