Aware of being located in a place rich in natural beauty, in the heart of the enchanting “Riviera dei Limoni e dei Castelli”, we have always paid great attention to containing our environmental impact. In fact, the property was built in 2005 according to the best architectural standards, respecting the environment and the surrounding area. Since then we have been using the most advanced systems for waste and black water disposal as well as for the cleaning of water, to preserve the wonderful setting of Lake Garda.

In the light of the latest developments, we have decided to take further steps towards sustainability and we are delighted to inform you that from 1 February 2020 the electricity of the entire facility is supplied by 100% renewable sources. Moniga Porto has chosen the “Verde Dentro” formula of REPOWER, a company specialised in the production of renewable electricity thanks to 10 wind farms, 9 photovoltaic plants and 2 hydroelectric plants.

In particular, our energy is produced by the Grosio water plant, which was opened in 1960. This is the first hydroelectric plant in Lombardy, today the most powerful of the A2A plants in Valtellina, with a capacity of 431MW and an average annual production of around 900GWh. The plant is also certified by TÜV SÜD, an internationally recognised independent body that carries out inspections in the field of food safety, environmental and quality management systems.

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