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Boat Storage

Moniga Porto offers a complete winter and summer storage service for sailing and motor boats up to 20 tons.

Our 4.200 sqm hangar next to the marina is designated to the storage of every boat.

The security of the area is guaranteed by a 24-hour video surveillance system and by the night watchman service. The storage is carried out using a fixed lifting crane and a 20 ton self propelled trailer, carefully following all phases:

  • Boat lifting
  • Hull cleaning with high pressure system and drying
  • Attachment of the boat to trestles (this way the trailer is not required)
  • Winter engine preparation
  • Winter battery recharging
  • Cover with plastic sheets to better preserve the boat
  • Spring engine preparation
  • External cleaning
  • Utilities check-up
  • Towing

The best solution to protect your boat from climatic events and keep them in perfect condition.
The hangar is right in front of the harbour and this allows our staff to carry out handling operations in just a few minutes.

Main features:

  • Safety: 24-hours video surveillance system and night watchman service.
  • Protection against climatic events: boats in the hangar are protected from damages caused by ultra-violet radiations (mainly opacity), rain and extreme weather conditions.
  • Better performance and convenience: Engines and keels are protected from algae and osmosis.
  • Easier maintenance: works on engines, propellers and outdrives can be easily performed
  • Environmental protection: boats are less likely to damage the environment in case of oil spills

Ideal for sailing boats, which can be stored without the need to dismast.

Annual, Seasonal (Winter or Summer), Monthly and Weekly packages are available.

Annual: 12 months, with boat towing service in summer).
Winter: from October 1st to March 31st.
Summer: from April 1st to September 30th, with boat towing service in summer.